Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)?

Founded in 1989, we are a public-private partnership that leverages resources to attract and grow business to Greater Phoenix. Our ultimate goal is to develop a high-performance economy by attracting high-quality investments and jobs. We are supported by:

How is GPEC funded?

As an independent 501c3, non-profit corporation, we are a public-private partnership with about 40 percent of our funding from Maricopa County and member communities and 60 percent from private-sector investors. The communities provide funding based on population and we offer four levels of funding for private investors.

What types of companies does GPEC bring to Greater Phoenix?

We are committed to getting others to relocate or expand business to Greater Phoenix and bring high-quality, high-wage jobs to the region. As part of our economic development group’s long-term regional strategy, we continue to capture opportunities in a wide range of industries, while focusing on:

How does GPEC attract businesses to Greater Phoenix?

GPEC markets the region in various ways with an emphasis on: 
  • National and international media relations
  • Email and online marketing
  • Familiarization tours with national executives and site-selection consultants encouraging them to expand business to Phoenix
GPEC, our Economic Development Directors team (professionals from each community) and public officials also conduct face-to-face meetings with corporate executives and site-selection consultants through sales trips and industry conferences. Once a prospect is generated, we work with various partners throughout the region including the Arizona Commerce Authority, our local communities, utility companies, the real estate community, educational institutions and many others to ultimately help the company select Greater Phoenix. 
How many businesses has GPEC brought to the region?
Since 1989, GPEC has assisted more than 525 companies with Greater Phoenix locations, including Intel, USAA, Covance, PayPal, Amazon and Mayo Clinic. These GPEC locates have brought more than 100,000 jobs, $11 billion in capital investment and $3.3 billion in payroll to the region. 

Why should my company join GPEC?

The creation or attraction of high-quality jobs to Greater Phoenix improves the entire region’s economic performance. This economic activity has a positive impact on virtually every industry, which will benefit our investors and our communities. In addition to these macro benefits, investors receive:
  • Access to our research unit including industry trends and proprietary data
  • Use of/co-branding on marketing materials about the region, media lists and contacts
  • Participation in unique engagements such as the Ambassador program
  • High-profile networking opportunities and the ability to explore leadership roles
  • The opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about the region in which you live

How is GPEC different than the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA)?

Where ACA works on a statewide level, GPEC is chartered to market the Greater Phoenix metropolitan region. ACA and GPEC partner on a number of projects and have an established protocol balancing both prospects and communication. 

Do you work with local companies on retention?

Historically, we have not worked on local retention or expansion. However, with pending federal budget cuts, we’ve recently launched a Market Intelligence program that provides opportunity and threat analysis on specific industries within the region. This analysis provides our member communities with in-depth company and industry data to support their business retention programs. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Renaissance Square in Downtown Phoenix at the northwest intersection of Central Ave & Washington St.