GPEC's Dedicated Staff


Executive Office

Barry Broome
President & CEO

Joey Fulgenzi
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO


Business Development


Chris Camacho
Executive Vice President

Brad Smidt
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Angela Talbot
Vice President, Business Development

Jaime Northam  
Vice President, Business Development


Mara Pernick
Director, Business Development

Matt Miller
Director, Business Development

Mary Hebert
Director, International Strategy


Joseph Rossell
Associate, Business Development


Strategic Integration

Janet LaBar
Chief Performance Officer

Jessica Catlin
Director, Development

Emily Mead
Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Thomas Maynard
Coordinator, Strategic Engagement



Marketing & Communications


Chris Petroff
Vice President, Marketing

Michelle Kauk
Director, Communications & Public Affairs


Research & Strategy

Kathleen Lee
Vice President, Research & Strategy

Kristen Stephenson
Senior Economic Analyst

Stephane Frijia
Director, Research & Strategy

Maureen Howell
Senior Research Analyst


Resource Management

Dan Ernest

Martha Miner
Director, Human Resources



Barbara Miller
Operations Administrator

Will Novak
Director, First Impressions