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An exceptional quality of place


Cost of Living

Greater Phoenix offers the diverse amenities of a major metropolitan region, without the high cost of living. As one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing regions in the nation, living and working here is both exciting and affordable.

Lower Cost of Living

Greater Phoenix scores below the national average in cost of living categories such as groceries, housing, utilities, transportation and healthcare.

Affordable Housing

Greater Phoenix offers diverse housing options throughout each of its communities.

Low Tax Position

Low personal income taxes and low effective property tax rates offer affordability and opportunities for everyone to thrive.

By The Numbers

The median home price of $223,100 puts the region below the cost of living index for housing
The median household income in Greater Phoenix is $53,310
Personal income tax rates range from 2.59% to 4.54%

More than a low-cost region, Greater Phoenix offers an exceptional quality of life


Affordable Lifestyle With an Inclusive Culture

Greater Phoenix has something for everyone — regardless of lifestyle or interests. The region provides an affordable lifestyle while offering all of the amenities, activities and events expected of a major metropolitan region.

Housing is especially affordable in the region, and residents can choose from urban environments with high-rise condominiums to traditional neighborhoods with historic homes to luxury mountainside estates.

With a cost of living rating below the national average, residents can spend more time enjoying the arts and culture scene, and thousands of attractions and events throughout the region — rather than spending their money on costly housing.