It’s true – we enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine each year. For some, this is a good enough reason to expand business to the Phoenix region. But Greater Phoenix offers a whole lot more than golf and spas. We also offer your business a progressive, low-cost operating environment and a vast pool of young, diverse talent.

Our long list of first-rate higher educational institutions, mixed with a unique and driven entrepreneurial spirit, creates an environment that is not only open to new ideas, but also thrives on seeing them brought to life. Expand your business to Greater Phoenix and share your home with prospering companies. Greater Phoenix offers a tight-knit community of business leaders who work together to promote the region. In fact, many of the area's most renowned businesses serve on the Greater Phoenix Economic Council board, helping people like you expand their business in Phoenix or relocate here.

If you want to expand or relocate your business to an easy-to-access, rapidly growing market, take a closer look at Greater Phoenix, where 23 communities and Maricopa County work cohesively to help companies find the perfect site for their next venture. Our market is affordable, perfectly positioned and accustomed to welcoming newcomers wanting to expand business to the Greater Phoenix region from other cities and countries.  


Fast Facts

Arizona is 2nd in workforce in 2014 (CNBC, 2015)

Phoenix ranked 17th among top 20 U.S. cities for tech startups (CBS NEWS, 2014)

Phoenix was 10th on CNN Money's fastest growing cities (CNN Money, 2014)