High on Benefits, Low Red Tape Makes Us One of the Best Cities to Do Business

Greater Phoenix offers ample business tax credits and other programs along with a dynamic and competitive regional economy – in fact, business costs are approximately 40 percent lower than neighboring California.

Maintaining one of the lowest total payroll costs of all major metropolitan regions, Greater Phoenix is one of the best cities to do business because it offers an operating environment where taxes and regulations decrease each year. 

Maricopa County and each of our 23 member communities are dedicated to building industry and growing our economy. They work closely with GPEC and the state to help you expand or relocate with a smooth, low-cost transition. 

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Fast Facts

Operating costs in Greater Phoenix are approximately 40% lower than in California

Arizona offers more than 20 business incentives to choose from

All GPEC community members guarantee 90-day-or-less permitting