About This Community

Maricopa has been Arizona’s fastest growing community since incorporating in October 2003. Over the last decade, it has transformed from a quiet town of under 2,000 residents to a bustling city of more than 45,000. New residents continue to be drawn by Maricopa’s convenient access to Greater Phoenix (just 20 minutes south of Phoenix), family-oriented ambiance, affordable housing and community safety.

The City is home to the University of Arizona’s Maricopa Agricultural Center, USDA Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center, Volkswagen’s North American Proving Grounds, and Pinal Energy Ethanol Plant. This year, Central Arizona College opened the first phase of its 217-acre Maricopa Campus.

Maricopa is a business-friendly municipality with a One Stop Shop Development Center, a Fast Track Permitting Program, and an aggressive economic development strategy. The community offers a large supply of development ready sites and a highly skilled workforce. 

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Rural designation with a metro feel – only 20 minutes from Phoenix and 35 from Sky Harbor Airport
Highly educated workforce – 89% have some post high-school education and 46% have a bachelor's degree or higher
Affordable – median home price at $93,000
Safe – second safest city in Greater Phoenix per 1,000 residents
Large supply of developable property with access to I-8
Aggressive city council with a focus on economic development efforts and investing in itself, with a new City Hall opening in fall 2013 and 140-acre recreation complex in early 2014