Know Where You Live

More than 1,000 members strong, GPEC’s Ambassadors are the foundation of our stakeholder engagement—a lot of whom champion Arizona economic development.
Current Chair:  City of Maricopa Mayor Christian Price
How do I become an Ambassador?
If you are employed with one of our member communities or with an investor participating at the silver, gold or platinum level, you can sign up as an ambassador today.
What will I do?
Ambassadors can tour regional companies and other assets in the area, attend new company press conferences and receptions, attend events with national site-selection consultants and engage in workshops about local policy, Arizona economic development and the region in general. These opportunities and others will equip you to become an ambassador for the region, where you will help educate policy makers, citizens and media about key regional economic issues.

For those who want to take their membership to the next level, an elite group of ambassadors called certified ambassadors serve as an extension of the GPEC team. Ambassadors can become certified in less than one year.

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Fast Facts

There are 86 Certified Ambassadors, a special group of Ambassadors that serve as an extension of the GPEC staff in our outreach and engagement efforts

GPEC Certified Ambassadors helped to reach out to middle and high school principals to gather information about their STEM programs. This effort was part of joint project between GPEC and the Maricopa County Education Services Agency (MCESA)

In FY14, Ambassadors toured Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, the Light Rail maintenance facility, the Chandler TechShop and A.T. Still University