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The Internet of Things is THE thing in Greater Phoenix



Our innovative educational systems generate a skilled workforce.


Our legacy companies collaborate with the up-and-coming entrepreneurs.


Our leaders prioritize 21st century business and innovation.

By The Numbers

0B Global market value for smart sensors
0T Spent on IoT solutions over the next 5 years
0T Investment predicted during the next 15 years for Industrial Internet of Things

What if the things that make your life easier,
could make the world better?


From driverless cars and aircraft, innovation is happening in Greater Phoenix faster than you can imagine. Companies here include those in manufacturing as well as the components, software, and communications systems that power and operate them.


This IoT subsector in Greater Phoenix is creating devices that are worn to track medical and physical conditions in addition to creating devices for agriculture and farming to monitor crop and livestock conditions.


From hardware and software applications, the Industry 4.0 sector in Greater Phoenix improves existing manufacturing and distribution capabilities. These include machine monitoring and optimization of maintenance as well as supply chain management technology and novel distribution techniques.


Greater Phoenix is the hub for software and services used to protect and secure information. Growth in the IoT sector places an increased emphasis on cybersecurity due to the growth in data collected from devices equipped with sensor capabilities.

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