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Emerging Technologies

From startups to cyber security firms and high-tech manufacturing, Greater Phoenix is the place for innovation and tech. With an abundance of skilled talent, creative spaces and an inclusive culture, the region’s ecosystem supports emerging technology companies as they establish their operations and go to scale.

Grow With Us

The population of Greater Phoenix is 4.4 million and is expected to grow to 6.6 million in the next 20 years.

Vibrant Workforce

A relatively young region, Greater Phoenix has a median age of 35.4 – two years younger than the average age nationwide.

Industry Growth

Projected industry growth over the next decade is 25% compared to the national average of 18%.

By The Numbers

The Greater Phoenix region offers operational costs of up to 40% less than California
The cost of living in Greater Phoenix is 77% less on average than leading California markets
Greater Phoenix boasts 32% more computer science and software engineering professionals than Austin, TX

Greater Phoenix features an environment to support and grow your business.


Skilled Talent, Creative Spaces

Companies like Gainsight, Infusionsoft, Local Motors, Uber, Weebly and Zenefits all enjoy Greater Phoenix’s growing innovation ecosystem, business-friendly operating environment and market advantages.

With highly competitive labor costs compared to other leading tech markets, Greater Phoenix has more computer science and software engineering professionals than Austin, Denver, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Between access to capital, a low-cost operating environment and its status as a right-to-work state, Greater Phoenix offers the ideal operating environment for emerging technology companies to go to scale.

The region’s innovation and tech districts offer modern and creative spaces perfect for companies of all sizes. Affordable, direct flights to California and other major markets make it ideal for connecting to other tech hubs.