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As one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions in the country, Greater Phoenix is an emerging hub of innovative activity with a robust ecosystem of technology and software companies. With operational costs of up to 40 percent less than California, companies can focus on growth and their bottom line.

Talent Pipeline

Greater Phoenix has an extremely competitive workforce in regards to training, quality and availability of workers.

Advantageous Climate

Companies in Greater Phoenix enjoy low business costs, minimal regulation and an advantageous business climate.


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By The Numbers

The cost of living in Greater Phoenix is 77% less on average than leading California markets
Greater Phoenix has on average 33% more competitive labor costs than leading California markets, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose
Software employment in Greater Phoenix is expected to grow 14% over the next five years

Greater Phoenix features an environment to support and grow your business.


An Emerging Hub of Software Innovation

From modern and creative office locations to incubators and co-working spaces, Greater Phoenix offers the perfect operating environment for software companies of all sizes.

Greater Phoenix has more than 66,000 qualified software workers employed by ICT and other firms, representing a deep knowledge and skills pool necessary for productivity and innovation. The ICT workforce is highly concentrated in the region compared to the national average, and is poised to grow 14 percent in the next five years, 4.5 percent faster than the national average. (To learn more, download the market intelligence report on the software industry in Greater Phoenix.)

The region’s more than 40 universities and other institutions of higher learning – many of which have designated software engineering programs – fuel a continuous stream of employees. Arizona State University, for example, offers engineering degrees in computer science, informatics, decisions systems engineering and software engineering, and ranks 5th in the nation for best-qualified graduates, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Software companies in Greater Phoenix enjoy direct access to other tech hubs, including short flights to California. As a low-cost and low-regulation alternative to other major markets, the region is quickly becoming the location of choice for companies going to scale.