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U.S. Expansion Guide

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Toolkit: An international business executive’s guide to Greater Phoenix, U.S. expansion

Greater Phoenix presents incredible opportunities for international firms looking to scale and trade in the U.S.. This toolkit provides advice from industry experts, along with information on how to access capital, form strategic partnerships with universities, and purchase land in Arizona. Find everything you need to know about expanding your business to the U.S. and Greater Phoenix.

#1 GDP

The U.S. has the largest gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide. In Q1 2021, the U.S. GDP was $21.5 trillion.


Recent U.S. labor force estimates are at about 156 million people, with 131 million in non-farm employment.


Greater Phoenix, Ariz. is home to more than one thousand foreign-owned international companies.


Greater Phoenix, Ariz. is expected to grow to approximately 7.7 million residents by 2050.

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Invest in the U.S.

The first step in relocating or expanding a business is evaluating various geographic markets to determine the best location to achieve strategic goals. This toolkit details each step in the process from assessing labor and real estate to evaluating operating costs, infrastructure, regulatory environment and more. Our team can help you navigate this process when you’re ready to begin evaluating business expansion.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Depending on your industry, there are several ways to enter the U.S. market, but strategic partnerships play a large role for any business. University partnerships can provide an excellent pool of talent, research and connections. Distribution partners could be an essential component to fast-moving consumer goods companies, and startup or early-stage companies often benefit from establishing with an incubator or accelerator. Find more details on these options within the toolkit and when you’re ready, contact our team for help evaluating the options and connecting with partners in Greater Phoenix.

Navigate Taxes & Banking

When expanding to the U.S. you’ll want to consider both tax burden and capital access. Your actual tax burden will depend on several factors such as income tax, sales tax and property taxes, which should be considered when making a location decision. If expanding to Greater Phoenix, you’ll want to establish a banking relationship with a Arizona bank that has international banking capabilities. Specifically, one with service related to multicurrency loans and deposits, international treasure management, and account balance reporting. Download the toolkit to learn more.

Understand Legal Considerations

This toolkit will guide you through legal considerations from human resources (HR) and employment law consideration to business protections such as patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights. Get details on current labor regulations along with how to obtain, manage and enforce intellectual property with the appropriate legal protections.

How We Can Help

Our team can help you navigate each step in your international expansion. We can connect you with soft landing programs designed for international companies in addition to providing no-cost services and resources such as operational cost comparisons, regional labor market data, site selection assistance, economic impact analyses, connectivity to key resources, and public relations assistance. Contact us today to learn more.

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