Our Team

Itzel Rios Soto

Intern, Digital Marketing

// iriosoto@gpec.org

As the Digital Marketing Intern, Itzel Rios Soto works on media planning, audience targeting, content strategies, behavior insights and social media optimization. Her responsibilities include researching stories, pitching content ideas, monitoring brand and engagement, managing website assets, and editing graphics and media.

Originally from Sonora, Mexico, Itzel grew up in Phoenix, where she discovered her passion for storytelling. She earned her B.A. in Film & TV Production from the University of Rochester in New York. She was awarded at the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2017, and her first short documentary screened at the San Diego Latino Film Fest in 2018. She has worked with studios across the U.S. on productions like the Queen Collective in collaboration with Tribeca. Her work extends to Paramount Pictures, NPR, Hewlett Packard, NYU, and KJZZ. Her passion for storytelling goes beyond film and television, into digital content creation, graphic design and photography.

Outside of work, Itzel travels around chasing water activities like kayaking, surfing or just soaking on a hot day. Learning about different cultures and their languages are among her favorite things. Other joys include eating, riding mopeds and fashion. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and hedgehogs.

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