Our Team

Justin SantaCruz

Intern, Research & Analytics

// jsantacruz@gpec.org

Justin SantaCruz is a research analytics intern for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. With GPEC, he researches, extracts and analyzes data from both internal and external sources, and creates reports focusing on topics such as labor analysis, migration patterns and business comparisons.  He is currently enrolled at Arizona State University and is scheduled to graduate with a degree in statistics in spring 2023.

Prior to joining GPEC, Justin worked in the finance industry. At 1st United Credit Union, he helped launch the interactive teller machine (ITM) in multiple branches around the Bay Area, serving the members with virtual financial transactions. He was a part-time banker associate with JP Morgan Chase while completing his associate’s degree in economics at Las Positas Community College. Justin also spent time volunteering at a local church in Oakland, where they served the county’s homeless population with essential hygiene supplies and food and helped them find shelter, employment or other rehabilitation programs.

When not working, Justin is most likely exploring Arizona, going to car meets, playing video games, learning a new programming language, reading, playing basketball or enjoying time with friends at a music festival.