Arizona artist spotlight: Alison Auditore

Published: 03/17/2023
Updated: 03/24/2023

Meet Scottsdale-based artist Alison Auditore featured in our exhibit Greater Phoenix is Poppin’

What do you love most about being an artist in Greater Phoenix?

I love the community here in Greater Phoenix. Since moving here in 2020, I’ve built amazing friendships and made valuable connections that have helped me grow both as a person and as an artist. A bonus is the weather. Nothing beats sitting outside and drawing year-round!

What role do you think arts and culture plays in our community as a whole?

Art is a means of reflection on both a personal and societal level. Our community can look at a work of art and feel not just represented but motivated to understand each other. It’s also an incredible way to work through feelings and communicate. It’s easy to feel like making art is just for artists, but it is for everyone.

What is your favorite art venue/event in Greater Phoenix?

It’s tough because there really are so many great spaces here in Phoenix, but Modified Arts is my favorite art venue. The space itself is beautiful and intimate, and every show has spoken to me.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to get involved in the local art scene?

There are a bunch of ways to get involved! My advice is to get out there and check out the galleries and art events in your area, keep an eye out for calls for art, keep making work, and finally don’t be afraid to reach out to other artists if you have questions.

For more information about purchasing her artwork, contact Alison directly: |


The Trendsetter
Medium: Pen & ink
Dimensions: 19” x 24”
Price: $3,000






Medium: Pen & ink
Dimensions: 11” x 14”
Price: $300






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