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Operating Costs & Incentives

Greater Phoenix: Where business is easier than ever

We’ve removed the red tape, lowered taxes, and offer competitive incentive programs that improve a business’s bottom line — to make doing business here easier than ever.

Removing the Red Tape

The state offers a minimalist regulatory approach, no corporate franchise tax and is constitutionally recognized as a right-to-work state.

Pro-Business Climate

From aggressive tax credits and incentives to programs designed to increase capital, the region offers a robust, pro-business climate.

Economic Dev. Programs

Programs include the Quality Jobs Tax Credit and the Qualified Facilities Refundable Tax Credit.

Source: Arizona Commerce Authority

Greater Phoenix: By the Numbers


Greater Phoenix represents 72.5% of the state’s economy

Source: BEA 2021


Greater Phoenix operating costs average up to 44% less than in California

Source: Applied Economics Metrocomp Tool

Calculate Your Real Estate Savings

Select your MSA, building type and square footage to see how much you would save on annual real estate costs in Greater Phoenix.

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Total Annual Savings

Calculations were performed using annual lease rates per square foot, effective property tax rates, and average costs of water, wastewater, electric and natural gas; utilities are included in office lease rates.

Sources: GPEC Metrocomp Tool; Costar Market Reports 2020

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A Pro-Business Climate

Companies in Greater Phoenix enjoy the benefits of low business costs, minimal regulation and an advantageous operating environment. From aggressive tax credits and incentive programs designed to increase access to capital, the Greater Phoenix region offers businesses a robust, pro-business climate.

Greater Phoenix represents 76% of the state’s economy

Cost Advantages

Competitive cost advantages include no Business Inventory Tax and programs that reward qualified companies, such as the Quality Jobs Tax Credit and the Qualified Facilities Refundable Tax Credit.