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Investor Levels

Invest with GPEC

With investment from GPEC’s member communities and private investors, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council achieves its mission of attracting and growing quality businesses and advocating for Greater Phoenix’s competitiveness. As an investor, you are joining business and civic leaders who are dedicated to creating long-term economic sustainability in the Greater Phoenix region.

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Investor Benefits Chairman’s Council Corporate
Investment $150,000+ $100,000+ $50,000+ $25,000+ $12,500+ $6,000+
Recognition in all marketing and research collateral as a major corporate sponsor and community leader X          
Washington, D.C. Executive Mission (Biennial) Registration fee waived (1) Eligible Eligible Eligible    
Opportunity to serve on Board of Directors 1 seat 1 seat Eligible Eligible    
Opportunity for board appointee to join the executive Committee of the board 1 seat 1 seat Eligible Eligible    
Hosting opportunities for corporate relocations X X X X    
Highlighted as top investor on GPEC website and Annual Report X X X X    
Opportunity to serve on GPEC’s Strategic Planning Council (GPEC Next) X X X X    
Sponsorship of GPEC signature events
  • Special Events
  • Annual Event
  • Sales Missions
  • ExecTours  
  • Annual Event
  • Sales Missions
  • ExecTours  


  • Sales Missions
  • ExecTours  
  • ExecTours  
Complimentary tickets to GPEC’s Annual Event 10 tickets 10 tickets 10 tickets 2 Tickets    
Opportunity to serve on GPEC’s leadership councils All All 3 2 1  
Opportunity to offer business services to potential locates (iTrack Program) X X X X X  
Access to research department services X X X X X  
Ambassador Program X X X X X X
Included in online company directory X X X X X X
Network with CEOs and public officials X X X X X X
Monthly newsletter X X X X X X


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Ambassador Program

The GPEC Ambassador Program provides networking and learning opportunities for all employees of GPEC investors and member communities. GPEC Ambassador events range from business development forums to workshops featuring GPEC staff and/or industry experts to educate and inform stakeholders on a variety of economic development issues.

Program details

See the Ambassador Steering Committee

“GPEC is an incredible organization – but they can’t do their work alone. Growing our brand as a community is the responsibility of all of our business leaders.” …Read more

Cathy Teeter, Managing Director, Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE

“We love our association with GPEC. It’s doing a lot of good in Arizona.”

Matt Salmon, ASU, Vice President Government Affairs

Without participation in GPEC it would have taken me and my sales teams years, if ever, to meet critical business decision makers that are critical to success in selling Cox business solutions.  My advice is to get involved in all GPEC events and actively pursue your GPEC Ambassador certification.  It will pay dividends beyond your expectations.

Michael Banker, Sr. Manager, Strategic Client Teams, Cox Business – Arizona

“GPEC, operating with a blend of corporate and municipal leadership, finds itself in the unique position to advance economic prosperity for the entire valley. The current intention and focus around aligning educational tracks and objectives with desired industries will play a pivotal role in determining what kind of community we leave behind.”

David Rousseau, President, Salt River Project (SRP)


Join us in building a more vibrant economic future.

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Strategic Leadership Councils
Conference room event

Community Building Consortium (CBC)

GPEC’s CBC provides a forum for those in the commercial real estate arena to evaluate competitor markets and work with GPEC’s marketing and business development teams to further advance the competitiveness of Greater Phoenix.

CBC details (pdf)


Healthcare Innovation Council (HIC)

The HIC mission is to establish Greater Phoenix as a center of healthcare excellence anchored by innovation and collaboration. The HIC works to enhance the healthcare business ecosystem by growing assets in the region and connecting providers and healthcare-adjacent businesses with innovative products and practices.

HIC details (pdf)

International Leadership Council (ILC)

The ILC is a high-level advisory council that consists of industry and community leaders that support GPEC in its efforts in international business attraction. The ILC provides strategic direction and oversight for the implementation of the core FDI strategies within the Greater Phoenix region.

ILC details (pdf)


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Economic Development Directors Team (EDDT)

EDDT is a strategic leadership council comprised of key representatives from Greater Phoenix’s 22 partner community economic development leaders and regional utility partners. This council advises GPEC’s CEO and staff on local economic development trends, offers insight on city/town councils, and partners to finalize business location decisions.
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GPEC Next works to ensure the organization operates in a model that is innovative, integrated and proactive. The collective professional expertise of GPEC’s councils and advisory groups helps shape the organization’s key initiatives, leverages connections to further job creation and competitiveness efforts and supports the implementation of programs.



Mayors & Supervisors

The GPEC Mayors and Supervisors Council meets quarterly to discuss regional competitiveness, policy and other priorities. The Council is comprised of Mayors from the 22 communities GPEC represents and two representatives from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

For more details on becoming an investor, please contact our Vice President of Investor Strategy & Engagement, Nicole Buratovich, at nburatovich@gpec.org or 602-262-8602.