Testimonial: Cathy Teeter, CBRE

“I’ve had the good fortune to be involved with GPEC for the past 10 years. Both CBRE and my prior employer are GPEC Investors.

During that 10 years, I’ve come to learn the difference between an investor who just mails their check in every year and a “good investor”.  GPEC is like most organizations in that you get out what you put in.

One of the many benefits of GPEC is that employees of the investor companies are invited to participate in ambassador events and educational opportunities.  In the last five years, CBRE has partnered with GPEC on a major Phoenix Tech Story initiative. We co-publish two marketing deliverables and held a very well-attended Ambassador event where a panel of experts talked about the opportunities and challenges of tech labor in our market. We also partnered with GPEC and another investor on a very successful Angel/VC Funding event held earlier this year.

I attended the Washington DC Mission Trip 18 months ago. It was clearly one of the best business trips I’ve ever attended. We spent three days hearing from political experts and networking with Arizona community leaders. I came away with incredible amount of knowledge and some very rewarding friendships – like the one I made with my fellow presenter, Brad.

In our business, we frequently represent companies who are trying to decide where to locate their facility. I would never go into a meeting with one of these prospects without GPEC as our partner. They know how to put Greater Phoenix in the best possible light.

GPEC is an incredible organization – but they can’t do their work alone. Growing our brand as a community is the responsibility of all of our business leaders. If you have any more questions about our involvement, I’d be happy to speak with you 1:1.”

Cathy Teeter| Managing Director
CBRE | Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier
Phoenix, Arizona