Art Exhibit

Art Gallery: Greater Phoenix has it all!

A curated hybrid display

With an abundance of amenities ranging from thrilling outdoor activities to a diverse cultural scene, breathtaking landscapes and architecture, Greater Phoenix has become one of the fastest-growing metros in the country. The exhibit features activities, sights, flavors and experiences that make the region special.

This exhibit is displayed in a hybrid format with a limited number of the selected pieces on display at GPEC’s downtown Phoenix office and the remainder shown in a virtual space. Although the office is not open to the public, various private events bring viewers into the space.

Greater Phoenix Music & Arts Culture

Learn more about the music and arts scene in Greater Phoenix and join the vibrant culture. Home to world-renowned museums, diverse cultural attractions, endless art markets, niche music venues and festivals, Greater Phoenix is an inspiring place for creatives, collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike.

Discover Greater Phoenix Music & Arts