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Nerve Centers

The modern shared service model

A new global trend driving job growth in Greater Phoenix.


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Greater Phoenix believes in the exponential economic power unleashed when businesses and communities work hand-in-hand to advance opportunity and prosperity. Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is committed to advocating for emerging and established companies and industries, empowering them to strategically adapt, thrive, and grow in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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Why Businesses Invest Here

A true meritocracy where anyone can succeed

Start or Relocate Your Business to Greater Phoenix

Excellent connectivity to major metropolitan markets

Start or Relocate Your Business to Greater Phoenix

A low-cost operating environment and right-to-work state

Start or Relocate Your Business to Greater Phoenix

Access to global supply chains in Northern Mexico and a dynamic bi-national region

Start or Relocate Your Business to Greater Phoenix

The Connected Place

GPEC is the catalyst that integrates people, place and technology to push the limits of what’s possible, and make the world a more prosperous place. By innovating with sensor technology and challenging the status quo in the internet of things market, the legacy companies and emerging start-up disruptors are taking the market by storm. Whether relocating your business or starting new, you have all the right connections and opportunities in Greater Phoenix.

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Chris Zaharis, Board of Directors

“GPEC has a long history of top-notch talent supported by a strong and unique public/private partnership that has been a model for other communities throughout the country.”

Chris Zaharis, Executive Vice President, Empire Southwest
Ben Hindman, Co-founder & CEO of Splash

“Incredibly diverse, LGBTQ friendly, and a surplus of tech and support talent.”

Ben Hindman, CEO and Cofounder, Splash
Vivek Kopparthi's company, NeoLight, chose Greater Phoenix to be able to collaborate with ASU, Dignity Health and Honor Health

“It is an extremely exciting time to be part of hyper-developing ecosystem in Phoenix. At NeoLight, we collaborate closely with ASU, Dignity Health and Honor Health – all are massive systems that are pro-technology and pro-innovation. On top of that, Phoenix provides an incredibly supportive community believing in the potential of the entrepreneurs that call it home.”

Vivek Kopparthi, Co-founder and CEO, NeoLight
Anthony Kennada

“The excitement behind the Phoenix technology scene is contagious… The value proposition of starting and scaling a business in Phoenix is clear and has the attention of our friends in Silicon Valley who are investing their dollars and creating jobs in our community.”

Anthony Kennada, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Gainsight

“In our business, we frequently represent companies who are trying to decide where to locate their facility. I would never go into a meeting with one of these prospects without GPEC as our partner.” …Read more

Cathy Teeter, Managing Director, Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE
Chet Keizer, Board of Directors

“The talent in Greater Phoenix is better than expected – quality experience and very strong work ethic.”

Chet Keizer, President, IRIS USA
John Zanni, President, Acronis

“Greater Phoenix has a strong talent pool of young, energetic and smart talent. We believe it could be the next Silicon Valley and our Arizona office is another step forward in our company’s larger global growth plans and corporate strategy.”

John Zanni, President, Acronis
Mike Pansini, VP Information Technology, USAA Development Center

We are excited to be in the Phoenix market, further expanding our USAA talent to best design, develop and deliver world-class experiences for our members.”

Mike Pansini, VP Information Technology, USAA Development Center

“GPEC and the City of Surprise have been incredibly helpful in making the process extremely easy in moving our corporate headquarters to Greater Phoenix. They made us feel welcome and really took time to understand our needs.”

Akihiro Ohyama, Chairman, IRIS USA
Richard J. Gray, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Vice President and CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona

“We at Mayo Clinic appreciate the terrific work of GPEC in helping the Greater Phoenix region to grow strategically with the right incentives, talent pipeline and local collaborations that make us a competitive choice. We’re happy to be a part of that.”

Richard J. Gray, M.D., Vice President, Mayo Clinic and CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona