Welcome to Greater Phoenix

Things to Know as a New Resident

Greater Phoenix is a welcoming community that recognizes the value of diversity and enables belonging for everyone — a place where all people feel empowered to be their whole self, to confidently say: this is home.

Greater Phoenix encompasses distinct communities, each with its own identity and assets. Collectively, they offer vast opportunity. Because you don’t have to be entrenched in the business or social hierarchy of the region to succeed, Greater Phoenix offers everyone the chance to thrive and make a significant impact.

Greater Phoenix Overview


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Local Banking

Learn about the types of banks available to Greater Phoenix residents, personal account types, standard fees and requirements to open an account, and how to build your U.S. credit score.

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Housing Options

Find information on the types of housing available in Greater Phoenix, the process of securing a home through lease or purchase and how to set up essential utilities.

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Transportation Methods

Find resources on the primary transportation modes in Greater Phoenix. Learn about the requirements for getting a driver’s license, public transportation options, routes and fares, and commonly used rideshare and taxi services.

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Education Systems

Learn about the school system in Arizona and Greater Phoenix, including the required levels of school, grading systems, types of schools offered and how to begin enrolling your student.

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