Community Resources

Diverse Community Resources for Residents

Immigrants and expats have created their homes in Greater Phoenix with the help of the community around them. The region is a melting pot of activity and lifestyles with contribution from a wide variety of cultures. Search the map below to find international restaurants and grocery stores, parks and festivals, schools, religious buildings, and business amenities in Greater Phoenix. Scroll down to discover Facebook communities and access emergency and non-emergency contact information.

Community and Cultural Amenities

The dark purple icons include chambers, clubs, and other organizations and activities tailored to specific cultures and geographic regions. Discover the melting pot here.

Educational Amenities

Greater Phoenix has a range of schools that offer multilingual and International Baccalaureate programming. Search the red icons for children’s education near you.

General Business Services

Find translators, banking, workforce assistance, and other language and business tools inside the services section denoted by orange icons on the map.

Restaurants and Grocery Stores

There are authentic international restaurants and grocery stores dispersed throughout Greater Phoenix. Explore the light blue icons for dining in your area.

Connect with Community Members

Facebook Communities

Facebook is a popular tool for expats to find like-minded community members. Whether it is cross-country movers looking for hobbies or expats sharing stories and tips, using Facebook’s search bar to find community pages and groups, helps people find tools, resources and friends in their new homes.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Contact Information

For emergencies and immediate police, fire or ambulance services, dial 9-1-1.

Provide the dispatcher with your name, location and description of the emergency.

For non-emergencies, the number differs by city.