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Casa Grande

Casa Grande is strategically located in an area known as Arizona’s Sun Corridor. Once dependent on agriculture and mining, the community has evolved into a diversified full-service area with manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and tourism employment. Casa Grande is truly a modern city founded on a rural heritage.

Strategic Location

Casa Grande is located at the intersection of Interstates 8 and 10 and within one hour of two international airports.

Healthcare Innovation

Casa Grande Regional Medical Center offers services such as interventional cardiology, medical imaging, outpatient surgery and two hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Robust Population

Casa Grande has grown to be the largest community in Pinal County with a year-round population of more than 52,000.


43.3% of jobs in Pinal County are located in Casa Grande.


27 city parks offer a variety of recreational amenities.


Several industrial parks with parcels ranging from 1–360 acres are available.

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Casa Grande