City of Peoria growing business in Peoria greater phoenix


Peoria is emerging as a center for innovation. By combining outstanding recreational opportunities and great quality of life with STEM-focused higher education and high-tech employment, Peoria is becoming an increasingly popular place to live and work.

Ample Land

Peoria offers dozens of shovel-ready sites along major arterials and two mega sites ideal for corporate and industrial projects.

P83 Innovation Center

Peoria’s Innovation Center Project at P83 is a 17-acre campus offering Class A, mixed-use commercial space to attract innovation and tech companies.

Play Outdoors

More than 20 parks and 20 miles of trails offer plenty of options to be outdoors.


More than 44% of Peoria’s highly-skilled workforce has a two-year degree or higher


Peoria Unified School District is in the top 23.89% of school districts nationwide


The P83 Entertainment District is home to numerous dining and recreational venues

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