City of Buckeye Arizona economic development in the City of Buckeye


As the 2nd fastest growing major city in the U.S. over the past decade, Buckeye is experiencing exponential growth. At 639 square miles* Buckeye is the largest city in AZ, but is only 5% built out today. Buckeye is a very dynamic and diverse community and is well positioned for many industries, particularly advanced manufacturing, energy, distribution and logistics, medical, and consumer retail and services.

Positioned for Connectivity

Buckeye’s strategic location positions the city as the premier gateway location between Arizona, California and the western United States.

Established Infrastructure

Buckeye is located along the major transportation corridor of Interstate 10 and is serviced by rail.

Great Exponential Growth

The city of Buckeye is the nation’s fifth fastest growing city.


Buckeye has had an 154% population growth since 2001


Projections show that Buckeye’s population is expected to grow from 59,470 today to 313,500 by 2040


Buckeye has 100 years' worth of water reserves

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*Municipal Planning Area (MPA) measurement