City of Maricopa City Hall Arizona economic development


Located 30 minutes south of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Maricopa’s family-oriented ambiance, housing affordability and community safety attract new residents at an incredible rate. Over the last decade, it has transformed from a quiet town of just over 5,000 residents to a bustling city of more than 48,000.

Regional Leader

Home to the USDA and University of Arizona’s agricultural research centers, Maricopa has become a leader in the agri-tech industry.


Maricopa has been Arizona’s fastest growing community since incorporating in 2003.


Maricopa has a One Stop Shop development center and a Fast Track Permitting Program.


Nearly 47% of residents have a bachelor's or a graduate degree


Up to 55 freight trains operate daily through Maricopa along Union Pacific Railroad’s Sunset Route


The city of Maricopa encompasses 43 square miles, with a total planning area of 233 square miles

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