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In seeking to enhance the regional international Foreign Direct Investment and Trade promotion strategy, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is bringing together a network of volunteer professionals representing various global markets to serve as GPEC Envoys.

A GPEC Envoy is a designated volunteer which serves as a representative of the Greater Phoenix region. They are professionals with strong market expertise in one or more of the GPEC international target markets where they liaise with counterparts to help attract international companies to the Greater Phoenix region, as well as support Greater Phoenix based companies seeking export opportunities.


“The Netherlands is the sixth-most important export market for Arizona … Key sectors that are growing in Arizona are industries that the Netherlands is strong in (Cyber Security, Bioscience & Healthcare, Smart Mobility, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Circular Economy).”

“Traditionally, Israeli companies have gravitated towards regions such as Silicon Valley and New York. With Arizona having a tremendous amount to offer, we are seeing continuous and growing activity in the Greater Phoenix market. Sectors such as Bioscience, Aerospace and Defense and Autonomous Driving are just some examples of aligned expertise in which companies can excel in this region.”

“The unique location and resources of the Greater Phoenix area make it a prime destination for the international automotive, alternative energy, and aerospace industries.”

Odette Wilhelmina Bakker


Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Arizona

Leib Bolel


President and CEO of the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance


Dieter Bollmann


Executive Director, AZ Chapter of the Representative of German Business for the Western United States

“Ease of access with resources available at a limited cost, combined with location and climate, makes the Phoenix area a great place to have a business presence.”

“Foreign direct investment makes Greater Phoenix globally relevant and globally connected. FDI adds an essential dimension of economic diversity that results in the attraction of unique companies and unique jobs.”

“Cross-border trade is important for any country that wants to operate on a global scale. Arizona’s relationship with Canada has withstood political differences at a national level and trade continues to grow within Arizona and the Greater Phoenix market.”

Tobias Lofstrand


Board member, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce

Hank Marshall

United Kingdom

British Honorary Consul, British Consulate Arizona

Holly Mechsner


Executive director, Canada Arizona Business Council

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