Meet Scottsdale-based artist Cyn Silva who is featured in our exhibit. Learn more about her experience as a local artist.

Arizona artist spotlight: Cyn Silva

Published: 04/06/2023

Meet Scottsdale-based artist Cyn Silva featured in our exhibit Greater Phoenix is Poppin’

What do you love most about being an artist in Greater Phoenix?

I feel fortunate to be able to express my art here in Phoenix. From the second I moved here, I felt this incredible vibe to create, create and create from my heart. I have met so many wonderful artists and groups to collaborate with, from gallery owners to art shows. I join anything and everything related to ART.

What role do you think arts and culture plays in our community as a whole?

Arts and culture are everywhere you look here in Arizona. From building murals in Phoenix, to painted walls, murals in restaurants, art and beauty are everywhere. It amazes me how well received art is here in Arizona. Phoenix is an art mecca and supports so many artists in our Valley. I am from California, and although California has a lot of art as well, it does not compare to the local art scene here in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is your favorite art venue/event in Greater Phoenix?

I loved being a part of the ‘Greater Phoenix is Poppin’ art exhibit. The annual event was over the top! Such an amazing event and show put on by Greater Phoenix Economic Council. It is definitely one of my favorite art shows I have been a part of.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to get involved in the local art scene?

The best advice I can offer to new emerging artists is “just do it.” What are you waiting for? Don’t let life pass you by. Sure, it is scary, vulnerable and things get in the way, but let your creativity come out. Don’t give up on your daydream, challenge yourself!

love supporting artists. I organized a coffee group for artist friends of mine. I love to give advice, tips and positive energy to people wanting to become an artist. ART is my passion, and nothing makes me happier than painting. I have been painting since I was 10 years old and will never stop.

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Pink, black, white and blue abstract painting by Scottsdale Artist Cyn Silva.

Oil Painting
48” x 60”






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