Arizona artist spotlight: Talia J. Dudley

Published: 03/30/2023
Updated: 03/31/2023

Meet Phoenix-based artist Talia J. Dudley featured in our exhibit Greater Phoenix is Poppin’

What do you love most about being an artist in Greater Phoenix?

I’m really enjoying how each city has its own little established arts culture. There are so many opportunities for artists across Greater Phoenix. The universities attract and produce well rounded artists, curators, and professors that seep their expertise into different parts of the Valley. I really love that.

What role do you think arts and culture plays in our community as a whole?

I think art keeps us curious when we lose that mysterious side of ourselves at a young age. Whether we are experiencing it or creating it, art allows us to explore those parts of us if we are bold enough. It allows us to play and create, but most of all feel, and feelings are important.

What is your favorite art venue/event in Greater Phoenix?

Found:re Phoenix! They feature a wide variety of local and regional artists throughout the year and their exhibition cycle covers many different genres and themes. It’s an incredible place to be seen in Downtown Phoenix and a great place for emerging and established artists to further their careers.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to get involved in the local art scene?

Apply to calls! It’s scary putting yourself out there but that’s why you’re an artist! Applying to calls means you’re getting eyes on your application whether you are accepted or declined. Show up and be seen. Stay curious and get weird.

For more information about purchasing her artwork, contact Talia directly: |


Rainbow Cache (1st Edition)
Medium: Digital Illustration
Dimensions: 12” x 12”
Price: $900





Windows Desktop (1st Edition)
Medium: Digital Illustration
Dimensions: 12” x 18”
Price: $900




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