Arizona artist spotlight: Vanessa Ortiz

Published: 08/18/2023

Meet Mesa-based artist Vanessa Ortiz featured in our exhibit Greater Phoenix Pastimes

What do you love most about being an artist in Greater Phoenix?

I love being an artist in Greater Phoenix because there’s a diversity of people and culture. I love bringing my own version of vibrant colors of the Phoenix area, you can feel the warmth of the landscape come to life. Inspiration is everywhere you look.

What role do you think arts and culture plays in our community as a whole?

Arts and culture play a big role in the community because they create great opportunities and bring creative cultures together while strengthening the history and sharing the love with everyone. They show youth hope for a better tomorrow. We all grow even more creative together.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to get involved in the local art scene?

Jump and do it. You will never know if you like it unless you try it out. Create and submit artwork that goes with themes to local shows. Key is showing up for yourself and immersing yourself in your artwork.

What famous artist, deceased or living, would you most want to have dinner with, and what local restaurant would you take them to?

I would be curious to take Frida Kahlo out to eat with me at Baja Roots tacos. I wonder if she loves tacos.

When you’re in a creative slump, where do you turn to for artistic inspiration?

When I’m going through a creative slump I like to go for hikes around the valley or ride motorcycles with my husband. To let the mind be free of stress and get me pumped to paint. Sometimes I like to just start adding paint or pen marks to canvas and the creative part starts to flow out.

For more information about purchasing her artwork, contact Vanessa directly: | Instagram

Gilbert’s Beauty
Alcohol Ink
9” x 12”






Desert Vibe
Acrylic Painting
24” x 36”






A Wanderer’s Sky
Acrylic Painting
24” x 30”






Bailando Baja La Luna
Acrylic Painting
24” x 24”






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Editor’s Note: This blog has been lightly edited for length and clarity.