Arizona artist spotlight: Warren Woodson

Published: 07/28/2023
Updated: 07/27/2023

Meet Phoenix-based artist Warren Woodson featured in our exhibit Greater Phoenix Pastimes

What do you love most about being an artist in Greater Phoenix?

As an artist who creates primarily large-scale pieces, I’m able to open up my shop to the outside and take advantage of the lovely weather. Plus, there’s no denying Arizona has the best sunsets. The stunning array of colors is a good reminder to put down one’s tools and enjoy a quiet moment of natural beauty.

What role do you think arts and culture plays in our community as a whole?

Art, in whatever form it takes, allows us to imagine life beyond simply existing. All forms of creative expression infused into the fabric of society influences that society’s culture. Hopefully, for the better.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to get involved in the local art scene?

Create an Artist Resume (with visuals) of everything you make. Then, present your resume to galleries, museums, shops and offices. If/when you receive a Call To Artist, take a chance and submit one or more of your pieces.
Also, get to know other artists- not only to share ideas and techniques, but also to keep your finger on the pulse of possible opportunities.

What famous artist, deceased or living, would you most want to have dinner with, and what local restaurant would you take them to?

I met one of my favorite artists years ago and I found him to be unexpectedly down-to-earth. His name is James Gurney and l would love to get to know the man better as a fellow human being, not just as another artist. I’d take him to Board & Batten, one of Mesa’s hidden gems.

When you’re in a creative slump, where do you turn to for artistic inspiration?

Oddly enough, I’ve never experienced a creative slump. I get inspiration from all sources which I like to call “seeds”. Over time, these seeds grow into ideas which I modify and tweak for my next project. For the most part, my designs are fully formed in my mind way before the first piece of wood is cut.

For more information about purchasing his artwork, contact Warren directly: | Instagram


Remnants I
Origami-folded Paper
40” x 42”






Remnants II
Origami-folded Paper
40” x 42”






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Editor’s Note: This blog has been lightly edited for length and clarity.