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B60 is a global emerging technology agency, specialising in providing technology solutions and consultancy to drive growth in large enterprises and brands.

Company profile: B60


Name: Chris Williams

Title: Chief Executive

Company: B60

Business HQ Location: London (UK)


Tell us a little bit about your business – how long you’ve been around, what you do and why you do it.

B60 is a global emerging technology agency, specializing in providing technology solutions and consultancy to drive growth in large enterprises and brands. We consult on, design and develop mobile applications, architect and build AR & VR solutions and help businesses to evolve new business models for the new digital economy.

We’ve been around over 5 years and launched mobile solutions in over 30 countries around the world and for some of the worlds leading businesses.

We believe in challenging conventional methods, we believe in doing things differently by leveraging emerging technologies to drive global change and innovation.

Our mission is to be the mobile partner of choice to the worlds leading businesses


Why was expansion to the United States important to your business operation? 

The USA is a large country with many great businesses who are seeking and need mobile solutions across many sectors. Having been approached by a number of US based businesses to assist in the mobile projects, B60 conducted some research which enabled us to validate that the US market was buoyant and a very credible market to expand into.


Why did you ultimately choose to select Greater Phoenix as the location for your expansion? 

There were many reasons and Phoenix ticked all the boxes. Firstly the economic values of a state with low taxes that actively supported inward investment from overseas companies.  Location selection was a crucial part and whilst many tech companies are wowed by San Francisco, the taxes versus Phoenix were significantly different.

The east coast of the USA is often a pull due to time difference from the UK and also the economies of New York, Boston etc, which are big tech hubs in the USA – however, what B60 wanted was to have a competitive advantage. Being one of many, meant our business would have to compete for staff and compete for business in these areas. This would eat into our budgets and mean a longer period to find success and this is a large factor and expensive game.

Phoenix is easily accessible, with a daily flight from London and easily accessible to major US city’s through Sky Harbor International . In addition Phoenix has access to great talent, it has great colleges/universities. Finally many other major companies have their corporate HQ’s in Phoenix too, and are starting to move more staff into the area. This brings more talent and a positive and sustainable eco system to support growth.


What advice do you have for other international companies looking to expand to the United States?

Do your research, don’t be wowed by the usual places and seek to fully understand what you really need to thrive fast. Moving into a town with high taxes, large competition for new business, large competition for the best staff and high house prices is a recipe for commercial disaster. My recommendations are:

1 – Get out and visit the towns, spend plenty of time out there do research on support, taxes, location planning, talent and potential high value new clients.

2 – Once you decide, be there regularly and invest time not just in your business, but by becoming part of the community. Invest the people you seek to hire and contribute to the community.


Anything else you’d like to share that would be relevant to the audience?

If you are a UK business, contact the DIT (Department for International Trade). They can help you hugely.


Greater Phoenix represents incredible opportunities for international companies looking to relocate or expand to the United States.

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