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3 Reasons Cybersecurity Companies Scale in Greater Phoenix

3 reasons why cybersecurity companies scale in Greater Phoenix

Technology: what would we do without it? It’s everywhere, and the ability to easily access sensitive information with just a click or tap makes our lives convenient, but at what cost?

Cybersecurity is the protection of data, networks and information from unauthorized and unwanted access. With the increased use of technology in our everyday lives comes the increased risk of security, and Greater Phoenix is attracting industry leaders to expand their business operations to the region, making our digital lives safer.

Here are the top three reasons why Greater Phoenix is the perfect location for cybersecurity companies to scale.

Skilled Workforce

Greater Phoenix’s acclaimed universities and institutions produce over 4,000 graduates with cybersecurity related degrees or certificates each year and this only continues to increase. Knowing the growth in this industry, the region is proactively producing the talent needed to address the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. For example, Grand Canyon University launched a new MBA with an emphasis on cybersecurity last May to accompany the university’s two additional cybersecurity-focused degree paths. Arizona State University also offers the Global Security Initiative, a program dedicated to solving international security problems relating to cybersecurity, economic security and health security. There also are a number of other innovative career-based education programs that can provide students the opportunity to learn about this evolving field and stay at the top of their game.

Armed with the latest programming skills and groundbreaking tools, these graduates are prepared to take on the digital world — and fight off hackers along the way.

Established Infrastructure

Already an established leader in the cybersecurity market, Greater Phoenix is attracting businesses to the region due to its robust existing assets.

Several cybersecurity 500-ranked companies call the region home, including Kudelski Security, Trusona, Continuum GRC, LifeLock and more. This, paired with the region’s affordable cost of living, consistent power and low risk of natural disasters make Greater Phoenix a sought-after community to operate in.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Community

With over 25 security operations centers located in Greater Phoenix, it’s no wonder the region has become a hub for cybersecurity initiatives. Programs like Arizona Cyber Warfare Range (ACWR) and Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA) provide services to individuals and companies that want to protect critical information, while also providing opportunities for the community to learn and get involved in their efforts.

Funded by the city of Mesa, ACWR recruits volunteers, white-hat hackers of all ages and teaches them the skills needed to thwart oncoming cyberattacks.

The purpose of ACTRA is to provide a place of trust where local partners in business, academia and law enforcement can collaborate with professionals on cybersecurity needs. The organization today has over 1,800 private and public members who have played a major role in protecting the state’s infrastructure.

With our unique combination of talent, established infrastructure and a dedicated cybersecurity community, Greater Phoenix remains a competitive location for companies to expand their operation.

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