GPEC hosting virtual trade mission to propel Global R.I.S.E, helping Greater Phoenix SaaS companies expand to U.K.

Published: 05/13/2020
Updated: 05/14/2020

This week, seven software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies selected by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) are participating in a virtual trade mission with designated experts from London and Greater Phoenix to discuss key market entry strategies in the U.K. as an initial starting point into Europe. Greater Phoenix is home to more than 350 SaaS companies and is one of the country’s fastest growing software and IT hubs.

The Metro Phoenix Export Alliance (MPEXA) Global R.I.S.E., a program of GPEC and funded by JPMorgan Chase, supports Greater Phoenix-based companies seeking to grow their business by engaging in the global marketplace. R.I.S.E. stands for Resources, Innovation, Strategies, and Execution.

“Even in the face of COVID-19, Greater Phoenix small businesses still have their sights set on global expansion,” says Chris Camacho. “With the start of programming through Global R.I.S.E., these businesses are gaining insight and contacts to bring their technology to Europe.”

Participating companies include:

  1. Acronis – Cybersecurity 24/7 data/cloud operations center, based in Greater Phoenix. Looking to strengthen their bilateral connections between the region and the U.K. is a key component to this success.
  2. Allbound – Partner Sales Acceleration platform that lets any size business accelerate growth through sales and marketing partners. They recently raised over $2 million in funding, have appointed a U.K. head of sales and confirmed a London office location in Shoreditch.
  3. Hownd – Fully automated Foot Traffic Platform that generates profitable guest visits for local businesses. They are also fundraising for expansion in London and grow across Europe.
  4. Televeda – Interactive Live-Streamed Gaming, Educational and Fitness media channel for care home occupants and related seniors. The U.K. was the first nation to identify the issue of social isolation / loneliness as an epidemic affecting healthcare and economic bodies. They plan to commence market research, trials, pilots and case studies in the U.K., and work with strategic partners in the homecare sector.
  5. Trainual – A leading onboarding, training, and knowledge management platform for small and growing teams. The software makes it easier than ever to build your business playbook and in just two years is already used in over 100 countries, becoming a fast favorite for U.K. small businesses.
  6. Truyo – Develops data privacy and compliance programs created by its development arm IntraEdge, and partners with Intel and Microsoft. Consumer portal for customers to see their data in different classifications.
  7. Zynity – An Executive Coaching platform for executive teams in series-A and series-B companies, and the coaches who offer their services to that same market.

The local companies were selected earlier this year and we’re scheduled to attend a coordinated sales mission to the U.K. in March to establish institution channels, but due to the pandemic, GPEC pivoted and stood up the virtual program to further its commitment to creating a stronger export-centric economy. International trade represents opportunity for local businesses to create jobs, attract capital and grow the Greater Phoenix economy.

Working closely with experts, each participant developed a digital roadmap for the U.K., participated in educational seminars and received resources covering the most-pressing issues tech companies face in growing their business globally. They were also each given a $3,500 grant to help execute strategies.

The first-year program has been in the works for more than a year in collaboration between the Global Cities Initiative, a joint effort of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase, and Greater Phoenix stakeholders.

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