Amazon has multiple fulfillment centers in Greater Phoenix

The growth of Cyber Monday

Published: 11/22/2017
Updated: 02/28/2022

As the holiday shopping season approaches, shoppers are deciding whether they should face the crowds for Black Friday deals or wait a few days to shop from the comfort of their home on Cyber Monday. With online retail giants such as Amazon and eBay offering affordable online sales, Cyber Monday’s popularity is growing which is busying Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Greater Phoenix.

According to KJZZ, Cyber Monday is the busiest day for the Phoenix fulfillment centers and its staff of over 2,500. They even bring on seasonal workers to meet the demand for products, which go through eight miles of conveyance before getting shipped out to homes across the United States and world.

So why are more shoppers potentially skipping Black Friday’s rush?

Approximately 60% of shoppers don’t like the crowds, according to Accenture, 72% of shoppers said they were more excited for Cyber Monday than any other end-of-the-year sale, reported on by Retail Dive.

Sales are also at an all-time high for Cyber Monday, reaching a record high $2.29 billion for online retailers.

Cyber Monday sales are also moving to the palm of your hand with mobile devices, which accounted for more than 17% of sales in 2012, up 55% from the previous year, according to USA Today.

With a high growth in online sales during the holiday season, Cyber Monday is a phenomenon that’s quickly becoming traditional. In 2014, customers ordered about 500 items per second from Amazon on Cyber Monday, which totaled 43 million items. This number is steadily increasing every year and keeping Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Greater Phoenix busy for the holidays.


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