Meet Big Joe’s Window Cleaning: Glendale window cleaning for homes, businesses 

Published: 10/19/2020
Updated: 05/17/2021

A conversation with Joseph Martinez from Big Joe’s Window Cleaning

Tell us about your company: 

Joseph Martinez: Here at Big Joe’s we offer professional, reliable window cleaning service for your home and business. We are locally owned and operated business offer same and next day services. 

What city in Arizona is your company located in? 

Martinez: Glendale 

How did your company get started? 

Martinez: My company got started about two months ago. Before I started my company, I had my business cards sitting in the back of my car trunk and never touched them. Then I decided to take the courage to actually make them. 

Explain why you chose Greater Phoenix to build your company. 

Martinez: There’s many opportunities to grow small businesses in Greater Phoenix, that’s why I chose to build my company here. There’s plenty of resources available around the communities. Plenty of work to grow your companythe environment is great. 

What makes your product unique and different? 

Martinez: We are a small, reliable business dedicated to providing great costumer service. We also make connections with all our clients that allows us to get more jobs and follow ups. Also, I am bilingual speaking both English and Spanish. We also offer free estimates and always provide professional services making sure we leave the customer satisfied. 

What is the best thing about having your business in Greater Phoenix? 

Martinez: The best thing about having my business here in Greater Phoenix is there’s plenty of work, and aside from that, I get to be close to my family. 

In your opinion, why should someone build a career in Greater Phoenix? 

Martinez: Anyone can build a career in Greater Phoenix because there are many resources and supportive mentors throughout the valley. Having a support system is important in order to build a career, which is why I am excited to see where my career can go. 

What are three words you would use to describe the business community in Greater Phoenix? 

Martinez: Professional, reliable, affordable 

Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions do you need filled now? What about in the future? 

Martinez: As of right now I’m not hiring. In the future, I’m will be hiring for window cleaning positions. 

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