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Meet Cyber Dive: Mesa startup provides social media monitoring tool for parents

As a region, we’re on a relentless pursuit of innovation and technology, and companies here are committed to changing the game. It’s all about people, place and tech in Greater Phoenix. Learn more about Cyber Dive’s story from their Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Gottfurcht.

What is your company mission?

Jeff Gottfurcht: Cyber Dive is disrupting the parental monitoring game and turning your child’s social media usage into a parenting tool that will bridge the digital gap between you.

What city in Arizona is your company located in?

Gottfurcht: Mesa 

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

Gottfurcht: After returning home from summiting Mount Everest, I noticed my kids were more interested in social media than they were talking to me about standing on top of the world. Around the same time, I had been following a story about a young girl who had been sexually assaulted and her photos were spread all over the internet. My partner was a Captain in the U.S. Army serving overseas as the officer in charge of a team focused on the social media activity of our adversaries. We came together to create a solution for a problem that we saw impacting parents and their children all over the world. 

Explain why you chose Greater Phoenix to grow your company.

Gottfurcht: The overwhelming pool of available, intellectual talent that exists in this area is astounding. Being in such close proximity to the students coming out of the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering is an incredible opportunity to hire hungry, enthusiastic employees. There are endless options for office space and the traffic is a non-issue. I think a better question is why don’t more people choose Phoenix! 

Why is Greater Phoenix a great place to develop, implement and scale this technology?

Gottfurcht: The cost of doing business, the cost of living, and the fact that it is the fifth largest city in America, makes the Phoenix Metro area a prime place to plant and scale a startup. 

What makes your product/technology unique and different?

Gottfurcht: Parents everywhere are searching for a one-stop shop solution to help them navigate raising their children alongside social media.

Cyber Dive allows parents to view their child’s social media activity, all aggregated into one simple, useful, informative and automated dashboard. We use our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to provide answers to questions every parent is asking. Who are they friends with? What words are they using online? When are they most active? We show you what general feelings they express over specified periods of time, as well as alert you if we think anything needs extra attention, and much more.

Our unique and tailored set of tools will help revamp parenting, removing the fear of ambiguity and replacing it with the confidence of knowing. 

In your opinion, why should someone work in tech in Greater Phoenix?

Gottfurcht: Cost of living, plethora of companies to choose from, and much like the engineers experience at our company, there is an abundant opportunity to join a team that is challenging and disrupting the current tech field. 

Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions do you need filled now? What about in the future?

Gottfurcht: We are always hiring. As a lean, but fast-paced startup, we have a drive to grow consistently. Engineering positions are always opening up to keep up with our momentum. If you don’t see a position listed that is a fit for you, reach out and tell us why you believe we need you! 

Find out more about Cyber Dive on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 



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