Meet Dovly: Phoenix credit monitor, repair powerhouse

Published: 07/22/2021
Updated: 07/25/2021

As a region, we’re in relentless pursuit of innovative and entrepreneurial technology-focused companies that are committed to changing the game. Dovly is one of those companies. Learn more about their success story from CEO and Co-Founder, Nirit Rubenstein.  

What is your company mission?  

Nirit Rubenstein: Dovly’s mission is to bring ethical, transparent and affordable credit improvement solutions to the masses.  

Dovly achieves this mission through an advanced credit repair engine that tracks, manages, and fixes your credit. Dovly is the first fully automated credit repair platform based on a sophisticated algorithm proven to improve credit scores. 

What city in Arizona is your company located in?  

Rubenstein: Scottsdale 

How did you come up with the idea for your company?  

Rubenstein: The idea for Dovly started in 2014 when my Co-Founder, Tedis Baboumian, and I met for the first time. Even though we didn’t develop the company until 2018, our shared experiences in the credit industry inspired us to found Dovly. We’re both passionate about helping people overcome their credit problems, so starting Dovly felt like the right next step in our careers. We each left corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs because we understood the unmet need for a consumer-first credit solution.  

Explain why you chose Greater Phoenix to grow your company: 

Rubenstein: I relocated to Phoenix for a job. I ended up falling in love with Phoenix, but realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Phoenix felt like the best place to build and grow a company, especially compared to California where I came from. 

What is the best thing about having your business in Greater Phoenix?

It’s a pro-business state. It’s much easier to employ people in Phoenix vs. California. 

What makes your product/technology unique and different?  

Rubenstein: We are the only solution that tracks, manages, and fixes consumer credit scores.  Our solution is fully automated and is available to consumers at a tenth of the cost of any alternative.   

In your opinion, why should someone build a career in Greater Phoenix? 

Rubenstein: The city is thriving with more and more companies relocating here. There is a massive talent pool with ASU being the largest university in the state. There is a lot of opportunity, yet things are affordable so you can build a life here. 

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