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Meet Phoenix proprietary AI platform

As a region, we’re in relentless pursuit of innovative and entrepreneurial technology-focused companies that are committed to changing the game. is one of those companies. Learn more about their story from CEO Brian Kennedy on why they chose Greater Phoenix and what they’ve been able to accomplish.  

What is your company mission?

Brian Kennedy: Use our Human Aware AI (Willow) to improve businesses.

What city in Arizona is your company located in?

Kennedy: Phoenix

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

Kennedy: Years of successful projects and customers.

Explain why you chose Greater Phoenix to grow your company:

Kennedy: We live here, hire here and want to support our community.

Why is Greater Phoenix a great place to develop, implement and scale this technology?

Kennedy: Great resources, ecosystem and companies.

What makes your product/technology unique and different?

Kennedy: We own a proprietary AI platform called Willow.

In your opinion, why should someone work in tech in Greater Phoenix?

Kennedy: It is quickly becoming the Silicon Desert.

Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions do you need filled now? What about in the future?

Kennedy: Yes, we are currently looking to hire developers and data scientists.

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