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A story about building a life: Erik

I’m Erik Long, account executive at Front. I’ve been with the company for the past two years working in the Bay Area, but when they opened a new office in Phoenix I jumped at the opportunity to move to the region. As my fiancé and I were deciding if we should make the move to Greater Phoenix, it was really an easy decision for us. For me it was the chance to advance my career with the same employer and for my fiancé it was the chance to work remotely with her same company that’s still based out of the Bay Area.

What I really like about working for Front is the opportunity to work for an organization that truly embodies its core values. Recently when I hit my two-year anniversary, I received a card from a bunch of my colleagues talking about the impact I’ve had on their day-to-day lives. Everyone in the organization is so caring from the CEO down.

I recently proposed to my fiancé while on a weekend getaway to Sedona. As we’ve started planning out our future together, we’re realizing how many of our dreams — like homeownership — will become realities for us much sooner than they would have had we stayed in California — which is simply because the cost-of-living in Greater Phoenix is so much better than what we experienced in the Bay Area.

We’ll even have plenty of income leftover each month to maintain our active social lifestyle, allowing us to catch a Coyotes game, rent a cabin up north for a long weekend or simply take our dog for walks around town as we check out the local craft beer and culinary scene.

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