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A story about diversity: Ashley

I’m Ashley Dancer, cloud services professional at Acronis. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Greater Phoenix in 2018 in search of greater opportunities and I found them.

One of the things I’ve grown to love about Greater Phoenix is its diversity. Growing up in a smaller town, there were certain areas in the community that felt as if they catered to individuals that looked different from me. I love how Greater Phoenix feels like a melting pot. There’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that – truly something for everyone.

Relocating to a new state, not knowing anyone was a really big leap of faith for me and right away I felt welcome.

“Greater Phoenix is a place where everyone can be successful no matter who you are.”

Acronis Inc. (Photo by: Jonathan Williams/

Having a career in a male-dominated industry like IT as an African American woman can be challenging. It was important to me when looking for a job, to find a company that values its people, gives back to the community and provides a safe inclusive environment for its employees.

I also wanted to ensure it had an internal structure geared toward helping its staff succeed. I found all of that at Acronis.

Thanks to its flexible work schedule and tuition reimbursement, I’ve even been able to enroll in a program through GCU that will further advance my career in cybersecurity. Greater Phoenix is a place where everyone can be successful no matter who you are.

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