Free to be: A disruptor

Published: 12/20/2021

Elsa Chi Abruzzo, president and CEO, Anuncia Inc.

I’m Elsa Chi Abruzzo, president and CEO of Anuncia Inc. We moved our company to Scottsdale from Massachusetts in June 2021 because of the thriving biotech and medtech ecosystems in Greater Phoenix.

We had various choices in where to relocate our headquarters, but we chose Scottsdale because of the multitude of universities and easy access to talent, as well as hospital systems that can help our product in clinical trials and development.


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We launched the #AZFreeToBe campaign in FY21 to encapsulate the opportunities Greater Phoenix presents to individuals and businesses. Here, companies are free to scale and thrive. Here, everyone is free to carve their own paths. Free to be you.