Free to be: An innovator

Published: 10/22/2021
Updated: 11/12/2021

David Szabo, vice president of R&D and operations, Anuncia Inc.

I’m David Szabo, vice president of R&D and operations. I jumped at the opportunity to grow with Anuncia Inc. and relocated my family from the Philadelphia area.

One of the really cool things about Anuncia Inc. relocating to Scottsdale is the surrounding biomedical and talent ecosystems. We’re located at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, and are surrounded by lots of innovation, students and a thriving hospital system that’s providing our company with the experienced talent we need to develop incredible products

“Since moving to Greater Phoenix, my family has been so impressed by all the region has to offer.”

Accessibility to the outdoors has allowed us to enjoy our favorite activities like hiking and biking year-round, and we’re excited to be able to drive just a few short hours this winter to do some skiing in Flagstaff.

Greater Phoenix is the perfect ecosystem for us to continue to build our company and we look forward to becoming further integrated with the expansive biomedical community here in the region.


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We launched the #AZFreeToBe campaign in FY21 to encapsulate the opportunities Greater Phoenix presents to individuals and businesses. Here, companies are free to scale and thrive. Here, everyone is free to carve their own paths. Free to be you.