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What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Cameron Dombro

How old are you?


How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix?

Two years

What city do you currently reside in?


Where are you originally from and why’d you decide to move to Arizona?

I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved because I wanted lower taxes, beautiful scenery.

If you graduated from college, where did you attend and what was your degree?

I attended California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelors in Economics.

Where do you currently work and what is your title?

GPEC, Digital Marketing Intern

What do you like to do in Greater Phoenix on the weekends?

I like to going to the pool and taking nature hikes. Nature hikes are a great way to take in the great scenery.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

One of my favorite local restaurants is Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina because of their traditional recipes and wide selection of tacos.

How do you stay “cool” in the Arizona summers?

A/C, fans, and a pool. I personally don’t feel the summer heat that much because there is always A/C indoors. Sometimes the A/C gets too cold indoors so I need to go outside in the summer to warm up!

What do you like about our winters and why?

I like being able to still enjoy the sun and pool since the winters are not bitter cold. The winter weather is more mild compared to other places.

What do you love most about living in Greater Phoenix?

I love the beautiful scenery with the diverse plantlife, mountainous landscapes and cityscapes.

Please include anything else you’d like to share about what makes Greater Phoenix so great.

The people in Greater Phoenix are very nice and welcoming. There is a sense of community.


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