What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Eliza Howard

Published: 12/29/2021
Updated: 02/09/2023

How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix?

22 years

What city do you currently reside in?


Why did you decide to stay in here?

It is such a beautiful place to live and having my family here is another big reason.

If you graduated from college, where did you attend and what was your degree?

University of Arizona – I graduated with a B.S. in Communications and a Minor in Public Relations

Where do you currently work and what is your title?

GPEC, Engagement Intern

What do you like to do in Greater Phoenix on the weekends?

I like to go to my favorite restaurants and explore new parts of the city.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

Ritos – I love Mexican food.

What’s your go-to staycation spot and why?

Any hotel or resort, I just enjoy the ambiance.

How do you stay “cool” in the Arizona summers?


What do you like about our winters and why?

It is the perfect weather, it’s not too cold, but you still get the feeling of “winter.”

What do you love most about living in Greater Phoenix?

The sunsets. Unmatched.

Please include anything else you’d like to share about what makes Greater Phoenix so great.

It is ever evolving and growing rapidly.


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