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Why'd you decide to come to Greater Phoenix? Nancy Shenker said she moved to the region for the fast-growing tech scene and hospitality industry.

What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Nancy Shenker

What is your first and last name?  

Nancy Shenker

How old are you?  


What city do you currently reside in?  


How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix?  

About two years

Where are you originally from and why did you decide to move to Greater Phoenix?  

New York City. I moved here because of the fast-growing tech scene and hospitality industry.

What college/university did you graduate from and what’s your degree?  

University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts in English & Psychology

Where do you currently work and what is your title?  

theONswitch and nunu ventures (my own companies), founder & CEO

What do you like to do in Greater Phoenix on the weekends? 

Hike, explore restaurants and activities, and travel.

What’s your go-to staycation spot and why? 

I love The Boulders. Very calming and great spa. I’ve even spotted a pack of javelinas! I plan to explore other resorts this summer and get back up to Sedona.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

Tough call. So many amazing ones. I tend to gravitate to Houston’s or Hillstone because they remind me of my home state. True Foods is high up on the list too. Love exploring little hole-in-the-wall places too.

What do you like about our winters and why? 

It never gets too cold. I’ve had enough snow in my past life to last forever!

What do you love most about living in Greater Phoenix?  

The variety of activities and people. I love the fact that it’s growing/morphing, and I always find new things to do and experience.

Please include anything else you’d like to share about what makes Greater Phoenix so great.

Unlimited possibilities. A pioneer spirit.



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