What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Jihan Reksodiputro

Published: 03/24/2020
Updated: 03/25/2020

What is your first and last name? 

Jihan Reksodiputro

How old are you? 


How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix? 

14 years 

What city do you currently reside in? 


Why did you decide to stay here? 

I decided to move back to Arizona because I loved the weather and Arizona State University offered me so many amazing opportunities to achieve my educational and professional goals. 

Where are you originally from and why’d you decide to move to Arizona? 

I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and my family chose to move here when I was four years old. My dad’s company, Amkor, relocated us to Arizona because the state was starting to develop as a major hub for IT and tech at the time. 

If you graduated from college, where did you attend and what was your degree? 

I am currently attending ASU and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing! 

Where do you currently work and what is your title? 

I currently work at GPEC as a Digital Marketing Intern. 

What do you like to do in Greater Phoenix on the weekends? 

I like eating at all the new and interesting restaurants that Phoenix has to offer, hiking nearby trails, and checking out cool night markets/festivals! 

What’s your favorite restaurant and why? 

My favorite restaurant is O.H.S.O. Brewery because they have amazing brunch food, cool decor and a location in Arcadia. 

What’s your go-to staycation spot and why? 

My go-to staycation spot is definitely Sedona, because it’s beautiful with its red rocks and scenery. It’s also got amazing food, cute and unique shops, and beautiful trails to hike. 

How do you stay “cool” in the Arizona summers? 

I stay cool in the Arizona summers by lounging by the pool, blasting the AC and eating lots of gelato/ice cream. 

What do you like about our winters and why? 

I like that even in our winters, you can go out in jeans and a warm jacket without having to bundle up too much. I also really like that it stays nice and sunny, even when it’s cold. 

What do you love most about living in Greater Phoenix? 

My favorite part about living in Greater Phoenix is that it has something to offer everyone. There’s food for every type of person, festivals and conventions for any topic that interests you, and the weather is (almost always) beautiful. Phoenix is always growing and it’s amazing to watch it happen in real time. 

Please include anything else you’d like to share about what makes Greater Phoenix so great. 

Teaspressa is a super cute and aesthetically pleasing tea shop in Arcadia, Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix. It’s very unique, awesome for photos and is only located in a few states in the U.S. – it’s one of my favorite places to visit with friends. 


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