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Greater Phoenix’s high adoption of flexible work...

by Chris Camacho, president & CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)  Since the downturn of the Great Recession, Greater Phoenix has continually advanced its competitive position through the quick adoption of policies and practices that allow for industry diversification, support emerging technologies and enable agile response to changing economic conditions. This growth mindset has led […]

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GPEC 201: How Greater Phoenix Economic Council is adapting...

GPEC’s range of services address current and future needs of Greater Phoenix As one of the fastest markets to rebound from recent strains, Greater Phoenix has proven itself resilient. But as the United States continues to balance market challenges with rapid growth, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is aiming to help Greater Phoenix become […]

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Ambassador Event: Arts & Culture in Greater Phoenix

GPEC hosts gallery opening with panel of Greater Phoenix artists and leaders Arts and culture are integral to the leading economies of the world, promoting cultural exchange and diversity, providing entertainment for citizens and tourists, and contributing directly to the market. In 2021, arts and culture added $11.6 billion to the Arizona economy, accounting for […]

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GPEC: Strategizing a path forward for the region’s...

GPEC 101 Event Recap Greater Phoenix has matured over the last decade with surging growth in advanced manufacturing and tech, including semiconductor production. In establishing the region as a national hub for these industries, market priorities are shifting alongside the priorities of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC). Business attraction is still at the forefront […]

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Ambassador Event: Transportation Infrastructure

Greater Phoenix considers Prop 400 extension to advance regional transportation The Greater Phoenix transportation system was built on the back of a half-cent sales tax established in 1985 and extended in 2004. Over the last 38 years, business and residential expansion has been concentrated on the freeways, light rail and safe streets of the region. […]

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Four women speak during a Zoom panel

Ambassador Event: International Insights

Greater Phoenix’s growth within advanced industries has created a greater need for international partnerships. Foreign direct investment (FDI) helps attract jobs, build strong industry clusters, enhance innovation and contribute to economic stability. In 2017, Greater Phoenix became the center of a 10-year regional plan of strategies and tactics to secure FDI and ensure agility and […]

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Five panelists on Zoom screens following a regional report.

Ambassador Event: Arizona’s Water Position

Arizona’s water supply remains strong following Colorado River declaration Decades of intentional planning and long-term solutions are why Arizona’s residential and municipal water users will not be affected by the first-ever shortage along the Colorado River. The 18% reduction resulting from tier-one mandates equates to only 8% of the state’s total water use. Arizona’s vast […]

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Four GPEC members sit at a long table during a meeting

GPEC 101: How the Greater Phoenix Economic Council...

The GPEC business attraction process guideAs advanced sectors are ushered into a new era accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19, Greater Phoenix is at the forefront of building robust industry ecosystems as the region evolves into a more modern economy.The region has grown from a contact-center-focused hub in the late-20th Century to one on the […]

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Panelists join a GPEC ambassador event over Zoom

Ambassador Event: Transforming Places & Spaces

Greater Phoenix developers balance city growth with tradition Community expansions are underway around Greater Phoenix and many developers have found an important line to balance: progress vs. culture. Cities with large inflows of new businesses and residents need to expand their communities while preserving the cultures that already exist. “I do like to think that […]

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Ambassador Event: Media Insights, Getting Your Story...

How to get media coverage and better connect with local reporters There are 686 reporters in Greater Phoenix and 570,000+ businesses and municipalities across the state, according to Emsi data. Factor in companies from all over the world, breaking news, statewide and national stories taking precedent; it’s difficult to get your story told as an […]

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