Greater Phoenix’s large talent base and competitive labor costs make it the place for businesses to go to scale


Ambassador Events

Five panelists on Zoom screens following a regional report.

Ambassador Event: Arizona’s Water Position

Arizona’s water supply remains strong following Colorado River declaration Decades of intentional planning and long-term solutions are why Arizona’s residential and municipal water users will not be affected by the first-ever shortage along the Colorado River. The 18% reduction resulting from tier-one mandates equates to only 8% of the state’s total water use. Arizona’s vast […]

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Four GPEC members sit at a long table during a meeting

GPEC 101: How the Greater Phoenix Economic Council...

The GPEC business attraction process guide As advanced sectors are ushered into a new era accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19, Greater Phoenix is at the forefront of building robust industry ecosystems as the region evolves into a more modern economy. The region has grown from a contact-center-focused hub in the late-20th Century to one […]

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Panelists join a GPEC ambassador event over Zoom

Ambassador Event: Transforming Places & Spaces

Greater Phoenix developers balance city growth with tradition Community expansions are underway around Greater Phoenix and many developers have found an important line to balance: progress vs. culture. Cities with large inflows of new businesses and residents need to expand their communities while preserving the cultures that already exist. “I do like to think that […]

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Ambassador Event: Media Insights, Getting Your Story...

How to get media coverage and better connect with local reporters There are 686 reporters in Greater Phoenix and 570,000+ businesses and municipalities across the state, according to Emsi data. Factor in companies from all over the world, breaking news, statewide and national stories taking precedent; it’s difficult to get your story told as an […]

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Four people on a Zoom call speak at a GPEC manufacturing information event

Ambassador Event: Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing advancement in Greater Phoenix The rapid evolution of technology is driving the advancement of manufacturing. Greater Phoenix is situated to be a leader in this sector. Two local companies joined GPEC’s latest Ambassador Event to discuss trends, the diversification of supply chains in the region and how Greater Phoenix has emerged as an ideal […]

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Ambassador Event: ‘Maximizing Your PPP Loan’

Through May 31, small businesses can again apply for a Paycheck Protection Program loan administered by the Small Business Administration. No sector has been more impacted by the effects of COVID-19 than small business, which is the backbone of Arizona’s economy. For context, the nearly 600,000 small businesses across the state make up 99.4% of […]

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GPEC Ambassador Event: Affordable Housing

The availability of affordable housing is vital for the growth and equity of any large city, but providing access to housing is one of only a handful of necessary services needed to lift underserved populations. Municipalities, non-profit organizations, the private sector and federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development must collaborate […]

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GPEC Ambassador Event: Election Outcomes in Arizona

As Election Day extended into election weekend, our ambassador event featured Rob Dalager and Ali Dionne with Public Policy Partners, who discussed the projected election results and what Arizonans need to have on their radar moving forward. As of Friday morning, President-Elect Joe Biden led President Donald Trump by roughly 11,500 votes in Arizona, a […]

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Advanced manufacturers capitalize on Greater Phoenix’s...

Greater Phoenix and the surrounding area has three major universities and the nation’s largest community college network that advanced manufacturers leverage to scale their operations. Three industry leaders spoke about their businesses, workforce and future plans during our recent Ambassador event. Panelists included: Viraj Gandhi, CEO, Medivant Healthcare Pete Williams, senior vice president of global […]

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Building resiliency: Greater Phoenix companies and...

A GPEC Ambassador event COVID-19 altered the way businesses operate, but many in Greater Phoenix managed to adapt and even grow. Recently, we hosted a virtual Ambassador event centered on building resiliency in these challenging times. Four local leaders shared how their organizations’ quickly adjusted operations and adapted in a way that allowed them to […]

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