Greater Phoenix’s large talent base and competitive labor costs make it the place for businesses to go to scale


Regional Report: Healthcare & the economy

Greater Phoenix healthcare and economic leaders joined our first Regional Report of 2021 to discuss COVID-19 vaccinations and provide updates about our region’s hospital infrastructure, and share local and national economic insights. Welcoming remarks were presented by Heidi Jannenga, co-founder and chief clinical officer of WebPT. Panelists included: Dr. Cara Christ, director, Arizona Department of […]

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Ambassador Event: How GPEC innovates to advance Greater...

Named the top economic development organization in the U.S. in 2020 by the International Economic Development Council, GPEC has remained on the cutting edge of the industry by advancing our AI-driven strategy and insights, data science capabilities, research and analytics portfolio, business development tactics, and integrated marketing and public relations efforts. Our ability to work […]

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Three men on a Zoom screen speak about a Greater Phoenix investment plan.

Regional Report: New Economy Initiative

Arizona’s water projects that began in the early 20th century cost billions of dollars. They revolutionized the state by expanding not only the way industries could operate, but how people could live and has yielded returns far exceeding that initial investment. This is the type of perspective toward investment needed for the New Economy Initiative, […]

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GPEC Ambassador Event: Affordable Housing

The availability of affordable housing is vital for the growth and equity of any large city, but providing access to housing is one of only a handful of necessary services needed to lift underserved populations. Municipalities, non-profit organizations, the private sector and federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development must collaborate […]

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Regional Report: Future of Workforce

To address the rapid advancements of technology and industry, educational institutions in Greater Phoenix, beginning at the high school level, are developing new curriculum based on recommendations from corporate leaders to train students in specialized fields. Four local experts joined our regional report to discuss developments in the future of workforce and how we can […]

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GPEC Ambassador Event: Election Outcomes in Arizona

As Election Day extended into election weekend, our ambassador event featured Rob Dalager and Ali Dionne with Public Policy Partners, who discussed the projected election results and what Arizonans need to have on their radar moving forward. As of Friday morning, President-Elect Joe Biden led President Donald Trump by roughly 11,500 votes in Arizona, a […]

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Regional Report: Housing affordability

As Maricopa County’s growth continues, the topic of housing affordability has come to the forefront. Four local industry leaders joined our Regional Report last week to discuss projections and how Greater Phoenix can remain proactive as the population increases at a faster rate than housing. Panelists included: Diana Yazzie Devine, President/CEO, Native American Connections Maurice […]

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Advanced manufacturers capitalize on Greater Phoenix’s...

Greater Phoenix and the surrounding area has three major universities and the nation’s largest community college network that advanced manufacturers leverage to scale their operations. Three industry leaders spoke about their businesses, workforce and future plans during our recent Ambassador event. Panelists included: Viraj Gandhi, CEO, Medivant Healthcare Pete Williams, senior vice president of global […]

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Regional Report: Elevating the arts

Arts are the byproduct of creativity and imagination cultivated from, and always reshaping, our cultural identity. While the societal and individual impacts of the arts cannot be overstated, the economic contributions often times go unnoticed. In Arizona, the industry contributes $9.3 billion annually into the state’s economy and employs almost 92,000 people. “When you participate […]

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Building resiliency: Greater Phoenix companies and...

A GPEC Ambassador event COVID-19 altered the way businesses operate, but many in Greater Phoenix managed to adapt and even grow. Recently, we hosted a virtual Ambassador event centered on building resiliency in these challenging times. Four local leaders shared how their organizations’ quickly adjusted operations and adapted in a way that allowed them to […]

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