The Connected Place

Our region’s approach to connectivity extends beyond the fabric of our community. As a region, we’re on a relentless pursuit of innovation and technology. Companies here are committed to changing the game and the region’s ecosystem enables success. To us, connectivity is about our region’s legacy businesses joining forces with emerging disruptors. It’s about our educational institutions working together to produce talent that is job-ready and entrepreneurial in spirit. It’s about our region opening doors and working together to enable success.


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Innovation Centers

Greater Phoenix is committed to innovation through invested applied research centers that enhance collaboration, and provide a forum where ideas can be tested, validated, developed and scaled. WearTech Center launched in 2019 with the mission to develop wearable technology solutions that improve quality of life and human performance. Currently in development is a center dedicated to blockchain innovation.

Modern Economy Plan

The Modern Economy Plan (MEP) is an initiative designed to advance the region’s competitiveness and economic opportunity for all. MEP strengthens the drivers of a competitive economy: high value-added industries, workforce development and talent pipeline, innovation and entrepreneurship, and modern digital and physical infrastructure.

Equity & Inclusion

The people of Greater Phoenix embrace the “Greater Together” message and the region is continually touted as a place where it’s easy to be new. A true meritocracy with a young and vibrant vibe, the people of Greater Phoenix are not afraid of hard work. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, this region is a place where opportunity can be found and diversity is celebrated.

Pro-Business Environment

The region’s job and economic growth forecasts over the next five years are among the best in the nation. Population growth through 2022 is expected to be the third-fastest in the country and employment growth is expected to be equally strong. As a market, Greater Phoenix is committed to speed to market, and proactively works to assure that the needs of the business community are being heard and addressed.

Talent Generation

Greater Phoenix is the place for world-class talent, offering a skilled, diverse workforce that’s prepared for in-demand disciplines in emerging industries. Graduates from area universities and community colleges are ready to excel in the jobs of today and tomorrow. With the largest engineering school in the nation at ASU and numerous career based learning institutions including General Assembly, Galvanize and Woz U, the region is positioned for continual growth.

Accessibility & Logistics

The modern and dependable infrastructure of Greater Phoenix offers easy and reliable access to the market – and to your consumers. More than 33 million consumers can be reached within a single-day truck haul, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport reaches about 124 domestic and international locations. As a border state to Mexico, Arizona boasts a strong trade relationship totaling $16.6 billion in two-way trade with the country in 2018.


The intermodal network in Greater Phoenix includes a loop freeway system, urban street grid, light rail, BNSF rail lines and more. As a younger region, Greater Phoenix has been able to strategically plan for the increasing transportation demands of the future. With multiple providers bringing 5G connectivity to the region, businesses can tap into high-speed and low-latency connectivity.

Water Planning

Arizona has developed a diverse portfolio of water supplies and management strategies, which serve as the foundation of the state’s robust water system. The state currently uses less water now than it did in 1957 and is a global leader in water planning initiatives. Arizona’s innovative water management programs and collaborative long-term planning has allowed for water providers and private entities to store trillions of gallons of water underground to be used in the future. While conservation is always critical, the proactive approach to water management has helped spur the regional economic growth.

Greater Phoenix Greater Together

Startup Ecosystem

Consistently ranked as a top state to do business, Arizona has seen a number of startups go from idea to household name. Whether it be LifeLock, GoDaddy, Axon (formerly Taser), Carvana or OfferPad, the region is a true meritocracy where people can find success and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. A strong network of local organizations such as the StartupAZ Foundation and #yesphx have fueled the growing momentum of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Research & Development

Applied research expenditures in the state have continued to increase and Arizona State University alone has doubled down by increasing its investment by 142% over the last decade. The region also benefits from the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, where all three public universities in the state maintain a presence. This hub for innovation in health sciences is designed to expand medical education and research in the region.

Proving Grounds

Greater Phoenix has a local government that is supportive to startups and innovation. With the creation of a “sandbox” environment for FinTech, Blockchain and PropTech, Arizona continues to support an environment that is strategically positioned for growth in emerging technologies. As a first-mover state for autonomous vehicles, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey passed an executive order in 2015 that would support testing in the state.

Smart Region Consortium

The Smart Region Consortium is a collaborative applied research and implementation partnership between the public sector, academia, industry and civic institutions to drive the creation, advancement and adoption of smart city technology that improves the quality of life for all citizens and businesses in Greater Phoenix. Through the collaborative approach, Greater Phoenix is able to deploy technology at scale, creating a seamless experience for residents as they travel from city to city.

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