Greater Phoenix is a growing tech city where the internet of things is THE thing

The Connected Place

Greater Phoenix: Where Innovation Goes to Scale

Our region’s approach to connectivity extends beyond the fabric of our community. As a region, we’re on a relentless pursuit of innovation and technology. Companies here are committed to changing the game. To us, connectivity is about our region’s legacy businesses joining forces with emerging disruptors. It’s about our educational institutions working together to produce talent that is job ready and entrepreneurial in spirit. It’s about community organizations listening to our residents and responding in kind. It’s about people, place and technology in Greater Phoenix. We’re in this together.


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Our innovative educational systems generate a skilled workforce.


Our legacy companies collaborate with the up-and-coming entrepreneurs.


Our leaders prioritize 21st century business and innovation.



What if the Things that Make Your Life Easier, Could Make the World Better?

Driverless Vehicles
From driverless cars and aircraft, innovation is happening in Greater Phoenix faster than you can imagine. Companies here include those in manufacturing as well as the components, software, and communications systems that power and operate them.

This IoT subsector in Greater Phoenix is creating devices that are worn to track medical and physical conditions in addition to creating devices for agriculture and farming to monitor crop and livestock conditions.

Industry 4.0
From hardware and software applications, the industry 4.0 sector in Greater Phoenix improves existing manufacturing and distribution capabilities. These include machine monitoring and optimization of maintenance as well as supply chain management technology and novel distribution techniques.

Greater Phoenix is the hub for software and services used to protect and secure information. Growth in the IoT sector places an increased emphasis on cybersecurity due to the growth in data collected from devices equipped with sensor capabilities.

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Global Market Value For Smart Sensors


Spent On Iot Solutions Over The Next 5 Years


Investment Predicted During The Next 15 Years For Industrial Internet Of Things



There are 290,000 graduates from Arizona State University that reside in Arizona and 24,000 earned a degree in a technology-related field. In fact, 72% of engineering undergraduates accepted job offers in Arizona.

Chris Zaharis, Board of Directors

“GPEC has a long history of top-notch talent supported by a strong and unique public/private partnership that has been a model for other communities throughout the country.”

Chris Zaharis, Executive Vice President, Empire Southwest
Pat Hurley, general manager of Americas at Acronis

“Arizona is a wonderful state, ripe with talented people and a favorable business environment. We are excited for the future.”

Pat Hurley, Vice President of Sales, Acronis
John Zanni, President, Acronis

“Greater Phoenix has a strong talent pool of young, energetic and smart talent. We believe it could be the next Silicon Valley and our Arizona office is another step forward in our company’s larger global growth plans and corporate strategy.”

John Zanni, President, Acronis
Anthony Kennada

“The excitement behind the Phoenix technology scene is contagious… The value proposition of starting and scaling a business in Phoenix is clear and has the attention of our friends in Silicon Valley who are investing their dollars and creating jobs in our community.”

Anthony Kennada, Chief Marketing Officer, Gainsight
Ben Hindman, Co-founder & CEO of Splash

“Incredibly diverse, LGBTQ friendly, and a surplus of tech and support talent.”

Ben Hindman, CEO and Cofounder, Splash