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With an average temperature of 75 degrees, more than 300 days of sunshine, and access to the best hiking trails and golf courses, all paired with a low cost of living, it is easy to enjoy a healthy, vibrant lifestyle in Greater Phoenix.


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Median home price in Greater Phoenix

“…I realized just how expensive it is to live on your own in California and how impossible it’s going to be to own a home someday.” – Jordan, Tempe, AZ

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Age: 45

Moved From: Santa Clara, CA

Current City: Gilbert, AZ

“…with my company’s decision to shift permanently to a remote work model, the idea of moving to a lower-cost market with a great quality of life my entire family could enjoy immediately became an option.”

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Age: 24

Moved From: San Francisco, CA

Current City: Tempe, AZ

“After graduating from college and moving to the Bay Area … I realized just how expensive it is to live on your own in California and how impossible it’s going to be to own a home someday.”

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Age: 32

Moved From: San Francisco, CA

Current City: Scottsdale, AZ

“…Scottsdale was ranked as one of the best places to find a job so I knew that if I ever look to transition, I’m in a location bustling with engineering opportunities.”

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Age: 39

Moved From: San Francisco, CA

Current City: Glendale, AZ

“…Since moving to the Greater Phoenix area, we’ve discovered that the robust and vibrant lifestyle we experienced in California has met its match here in Valley of the Sun.”

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Age: 32

Moved From: Los Angeles, CA

Current City: Buckeye, AZ

“…I found this little spot of perfection in the Greater Phoenix area that affords me the flexibility to let all of my personal and professional dreams come true.”

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Age: 35

Moved From: San Francisco, CA

Current City: Phoenix, AZ

“… Living in the Coronado District has afforded me the perfect blend of life that I always dreamed of. Whether it is the downtown vibe or a quaint community, I have it all at my fingertips.”

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Ranked #4 Most Desirable Millennial Metro in the U.S.

2019 Population: 4,948,203 | Median Age: 38.4

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Home Value

In Greater Phoenix, you’re free to attain the dream of homeownership in a region that boasts a median home price of about $351,500, compared to Los Angeles’ $769,500 and San Francisco’s $1.22 million. Get a glimpse of the comparisons below and visit our housing comparison page to browse your price range and discover how much more house you can afford and enjoy here.

Best Part of Moving to AZ

We asked residents who recently moved to the state about their experience and what they liked most about living here.


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Get a sense of the craft and culture of Greater Phoenix. This selection of local businesses, from unique dining experiences, organic farmers markets, cozy coffee shops and quality breweries provides a snapshot of the culture and amenities across the region.